Monday, November 25, 2013

Craft Week: Day 1: Frame It!



I came across this wonderful pair of bloggers: 2 Broke Geeks. They have a lot of fun suggestions for geeking your life on a budget! One of the things they inspired me to do was to start showcasing my posters I get from various conventions and book events.


First step is getting the frames. Omar and Mia had some great suggestions:

Yard Sales

Find a picture for a few bucks remove the framed picture and replace it with your posters or other con swag. I haven't gotten any larger frames yet but I’ve started making some smaller framed pieces with some frames from the dollar store.


SDCC Memories


This is my first one:



These are signed min-posters from San Diego Comic-Con and WonderCon.



Monthly Snap Shot


I’ve been in a sorting mood and so I’ve been clearing out a lot of clutter. I found I had some amazing bookmarks and decided to display some horror themed bookmarks and some Star wars ones to celebrate Star Wars Reads on October 5th. Here is the assembly portion:







I’m looking forward to doing different frames every month .


It is a good idea to get medium priced frames. I paid a dollar for these frames and so I had some issues with putting the pieces together and finally had to tape them to the back of the board.



Hope you guys give framing a try. I’d love to see your results :)

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