Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review: Diverse Energies by Various , Edited by Buckell & Monti










Lee & Low




There were two main themes that tied all these stories together: Each of the characters in the stories are racially diverse and each character lives in a dystopian world. All of these stories are enjoyable but here are a few that really stood out to me:


The Last Day


Ellen Oh

This story looks at war through the people that suffer just as much as the fighters: children and families. Kenji and Akira are two young boys who work hard to keep their families fed while they wait for the eventual summons to war. A really powerful read.


Freshee’s Frogurt


Daniel H. Wilson


Killer robots!. This story was so much win! Two young boys manning  a treat shop are viciously attacked by a domestic robot unit. Lots of chills and Robot action !


Blue Skies


Cindy Pon


Cindy is the reason I found this anthology and her story was my favorite.In a futuristic city where the great divide between the have’s and have not’s is painfully far, a young teen kidnaps rich kids in exchange for a ransom. Pon has created a wonderfully vivid world in this story. Even though the story is self contained the reader immediately wants to learn more about the world the characters inhabit. I hope she can revisit sometime in the future.


A solid anthology all around. I loved the spotlight on racial diversity and the variety of stories. Great Read!

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