Monday, November 18, 2013

Review: Haven by Laury Falter

I received a complimentary download of this book in exchange for a review


It’s a great time to be a zombie fan!  After years of mediocre movies and the random novel, zombies are now on the forefront of popular  entertainment. So Haven fits in quite nicely with the trend while also delivering a few interesting twists.
The center of this story is Kennedy Shaw. Kennedy lives in a town outside of Chicago called Hazelbrook, her life is a series of actions that strung together barely resemble living. Kennedy is adjusting to losing her father and her life under the care of a guardian . She has one bright spot in her life, her crush on a a boy named Harrison, that is able to flourish in the worst of situations: Zombie outbreak! Kennedy, Harrison and 3 fellow students initially try to explore this new wasteland before realizing the safety protocols set up an their school maybe their only safe haven.
This is a solid read. Falter really gets the reader involved action wise while also building up the dynamic between the characters. Though on the surface there could have been some stereotypical portrayals of jocks, mean girls and outsider teens, all of the characters have been fleshed out enough ( No Pun intended), so that come across as genuine and the reader begins to care about their fate.

The actions scenes really revs up the reading experience and their are some intersting revelations concerning the source of the virus.

My one pet peeve is the ending. With the advent of so many series right now, I really don't enjoy cliffhangers. Mostly because with the large amount of good books out in the world it’s hard to really remember how each individual book ended and a cliffhanger makes it necessary to open the second book with the resolution of it . I would have liked a more solid ending with a hint of threats to come. Overall though this was a fun read.


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