Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Thumbprint by Joe Hill, Ciaramella &Malhotra

Thumbprint was originally published as a short story in Joe’s anthology 20th Century Ghosts. This story works perfectly as a comic book series, the collected version of the 4 issue mini-series debuts this December. Thumbprint is the story of Abu Ghraib prison worker Mallory Grennan. Mallory is never charged with a crime or even captured on film in any torture photos, but the Army still discharges her without distinction. On the flight home Mallory wonders what she will tell her father, a retired and highly decorated soldier. She doesn’t have to wonder long. Mallory’s father dies during her trip home and her first obligation  upon returning home is to attend his funeral.
Now Mallory spends her days working behind a bar, and her nights rambling around her fathers house with the ghosts of her past refusing to let go. Mallory moves like a Zombie through her life until she receives a letter in her mailbox with a bloody thumbprint on it. The letters continue until Mallory’s brutal past comes to her door.

It had been a while since I read this story so I didn't remember how it ended. The story really kept dramatic tension throughout as the reader wonders if Mallory is being haunted by a supernatural force or someone who knows her secrets. The art in this book is gorgeous yet also creates the atmosphere of threat. Joe succeeds in making Mallory a very well rounded character. The reader feels connected with her enough to be interested in her story without forgiving her for the past.
A solid, satisfying, read.

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