Monday, December 2, 2013

12 Days: Day 2: Diverse Holiday Reads


I really enjoyed all of these books. They each had a nice bit of diversity to them, they are perfect for gifts or for bedtime reading.

Library Book
This book was such a joy! It’s so wonderful to see the holiday through the eyes of a racially diverse child. Grace is very excited for Christmas celebrations with her Ma and Nana. Grace is excited for the presents, good food and reenacting the Nativity. this year however things are different. Ma has opened her home to friends of Nana’s: Savannah and her Mother. This is a crimp in Grace’s plans, especially because she has to give up her room. With some gentle nudging from her Nana however grace is able to open her heart to the guests and create wonderful Christmas memories. The art on this book is stellar. The characters are so life like and the colors are gorgeous. I’m looking forward to reading the entire Grace series.

I also suggest this book from the Grace series as well, it beautifully expresses Grace’s individuality and the potential for being a princess in every girl.

This was so adorable! Ernest B. Spinosaurus wants to be extra sure that he is on Santa’s good list next year. The story is told through a series of letters that Ernest sends Santa through out the year telling him about his good and not so good deeds. Kandinsky's illustrations are so vibrant and fun and Hello! DINOSAURS! how could you not love it? I really liked the cute themed letters Ernest sent and the very sweet ending .So cute!

Library Book
I love learning about different cultures and this book really showcases the meaning behind Hanukkah along with a sweet relatable story with gorgeous art.
Library Book

This story is about Eduardo and his family who move from a small village to a large American city. Eduardo is a little overwhelmed but all the newness in his neighborhood and his school. worst off Christmas is coming and Eduardo can’t seem to get in the spirit. This book has some nice cultural elements to it. There are some Spanish phrases and other cultural explorations. A heartfelt holiday read.


Ah! the science fiction lover in me would have loved this book as a child! Its’ the day before Christmas and Zoomer and his family are looking through their telescope hoping to spot Santa! Instead they witness an Alien spaceship land and a space family prepare a picnic. Zoomer and his brothers are invited to join the family and a fun afternoon ensues ! Gorgeous art and lots of fun elements and a sweet lesson about helping others.

Hope you check out some of these great reads!
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