Friday, December 6, 2013

12 Days: Day 6 : Holiday Comics










The holidays cross all media including comics. I enjoy holiday comics just as much as Holiday books. All of these books are available as print comics or at Comixology:


Archie comics has been doing Holiday specials for years. Its nice to slip into holiday themed stories with familiar characters.



Add a lot of creepy to your Christmas with this mini-series by IDW based on situations in Joe Hill’s NOAS4A2. In this series we meet the origins of a driver who delivers children to Christmasland.




This Digital & Print series centers around a different holiday every issue! Its so much fun! Sweet and adorable :)



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It’s become a tradition of mine to read these amazing graphic novels every year:



Happy Reading!



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Michelle Miller said...

Archie was my favorite comic when I was a kid. =O)