Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12 Days Review : Zombelina by Crow & Idle



I was so charmed by this lovely book! Zombies have really entered the entertainment mainstream. Though I’m quite the fan of the brain munching variety of zombies  this book was so much fun and a perfect gift for a little horror fan in training :)

Just a FYI there is nothing overly scary in this book. Zombelina just happens to be a zombie from a very loving family who likes to dance. She has  an active dance life with the local ghosts and ghouls and can often be found twirling around the dinner table . Recognizing her talent, Zombelina’s mother takes her tutu  shopping and enrolls her in a human dance academy run by Madame Maladroit. Zombelina loves the school and practices hard. She is excited to perform with her fellow students. Everything seems perfect, until opening night when Zombelina finds herself  frozen in terror from stage fright! Is this the end of Zombelina’s career? Or will the support of her family and teacher help her perform?
This book was such a joyful excursion for me. I don’t read a lot of children's books through out the year but I’m glad to discover this one. 

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