Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry , Merry ! Christmas and WHOathoning!







Merry Christmas!! Today is a low key day for me. I’m just reading and watching TV & Movies. Its also a special Day for Doctor Who fans:

Today is Matt Smith’s last day as The Doctor.



Matt’s term as The Doctor grew on me over time, mostly because of my utter love this guy:


Matt taking over for David was the hardest doctor transition of my Who fandom. So today I’m binge watching a bunch of David and Matt’s episodes.



I also brought this wonderful digital comic today ! Its a very sweet story about the doctor landing in “our” dimension and the young girl he spends time with. Very heartwarming!



Hope your day is Merry ! Enjoy!!


Michelle Miller said...

I was very skeptical about the transition from David to Matt because I loved David so much, but Matt really became my Doctor. I cried like a baby when he changed. His goodbye was very poignant.

Hope you have a very merry Christmas, Kai. Looking forward to continued friendship in the new year! *hugs*

Pamela D said...

I was iffy about Matt too, but I grew to love him.