Monday, December 30, 2013

My 2013 Lists: Favorite Novellas




Ah the lure of the free E-Book! I’m not sure if any of these books are still free on Kindle or Nook but if they are I highly suggest downloading them  Here are my favorite 10 free novellas I read this year:



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Love & Decay part 1 by Rachel Higginson

Sparrow by Jason Mott

White Christmas by Ros Baxter

A Kiss for Midwinter by Courtney Milan

Fallen from Grace by M.J. Putney

Iron’s Prophecy by Julie Kagawa

The Queens Army by Marissa Meyer

Glitches by Marissa Meyer

How to Talk to Girls at Parties by Neil Gaiman

Frost Child by Gillian Philip



10 Favorite Purchased Novellas:




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12 Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickenson

Stupid Perfect World by Scott Westerfeld

Rising Sun by David Macinnis Gill

Close To You by Stacia Kane

Perfect Shadow by Brent Weeks

The Christmas Cuckoo by Mary Jo Putney

Before by Emily McKay

The Parisian Christmas Bakeoff

Christmas  Cookie Chronicles: Grace by Lori Wilde

The Enemy: Geeks vs. Zombies by Charlie Higson

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Pamela D said...

I read How to Talk to Girls at Parties this year too and enjoyed it.