Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Bang by Lisa McMann

Simon Pulse
Library book
Visions: book 2

This is the second book in Lisa’s visions series, and I really love them. Lisa  excels at fiction stories with a supernatural point of view along with showcasing brave teens living with difficult home situations, that are rarely shared in fiction. Jules Demarco once again has a lot on her plate. She is grounded for destroying the family’s food truck and worst of all associating with Sawyer Agotti. The support of her siblings and the growing love between her and Sawyer are the only bright spots in Jules home life. Her love for Sawyer is tempered with guilt because Jules is concerned that vision that saved Sawyer life has also been passed to him through her.
Sawyers vision is slightly different. It begins with gunshots, eleven of them. As the visions get worse Jules is able to be there for Sawyer but she cannot take away the pain of the experience or protect him from his fathers wrath once he learns he has been seeing Jules.

What endears these characters to the reader is their strength in difficult times. Sawyer has to find the strength to follow through on his vision despite the fear. Jules has to not let guilt overwhelm her and use her experience to decode Sawyers vision and save lives.

In the midst of all this tension Lisa still manages to slip in some humor and romance. Jules description of her growing feelings for Sawyer are relatable to anyone that’s been in love and Chapter 12 of that book fully captures that with humor and poignancy. This has quickly become one of my favorite series. cant wait for book 3.


Karen said...

This sounds so good. That cover is really stunning too.

Pamela D said...

Fantastic cover. I love the eye color. This sounds like a neat series. I am glad you are enjoying it. :)