Friday, December 27, 2013

Sherlock Holmes Year One by Beatty & Indro


In October I reviewed the Graphic Novel The Liverpool Demon by the same creative team. While browsing in the Graphic Novel aisle of the library last week I found this volume and was happy to step into Holmes world once again with this great creative team.
Like the title implies this volume follows Holmes through the first year of his work with the police. Holmes is somewhat a student, choosing to audit classes instead of formally attend them. Holmes is also a bit of a pain to the local police who are tired of his unsolicited advice and tired of hearing about his missing friend Victor. Into this turmoil comes Watson, a wounded soldier now earning his living as an on call doctorin the service of the law. The two fated friends first meet at the crime scene of an affluent family who has been drugged by there service staff in order to rob them.
Watson is fascinated by Holmes and spends a few days following him. The pair is once again drawn together to try to solve a string of murders that relate to history, especially that of Cesar. In the midst of this Holmes learns the fate of his friend Victor and discovers it ties into his current case.
I really loved these stories! Holmes has a bit of a Bruce Wayne vibe to him. He is studying martial arts, testing out his deductive reasoning and slowly opening up to Watson. The art is gorgeous yet also gives a sense of the grittiness of Victorian London. I will definitely be reading more of this series.

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Pamela D said...

This sounds like a great graphic novel. Lovely review.