Friday, January 3, 2014

Book Blog Walkers 2014: March Goals Post

March Goals!
This Month  going for 30 mins every day and Yoga once a Week

1st: 30 minutes Recumbent Bike
2nd 40 minutes  Treadmill
3rd: 30 mins treadmill 
4th 30 min walk at work
5th 30 min walk at work
6th 40 min recumbent bike
7th 30 min recumbent bike
8th 30 min recumbent bike
9th 30 min treadmill 
10th 35 min treadmill
11th 35 min recumbent bike
12th 30 min treadmill
13th 1 hour Pilates

February Wrap Up
I did 20 of 28 Days hoping to do better in March!

It's time to commit for February !
My goal is 30 mins Yoga/Walling/Gym or Leslie's DVD's every day. Join Us!

                January Wrap Up

Overall I did great this month. I only missed a few days due to sickness. Over all I completed 25 + work outs this month! Looking forward to next months work out!

I had such great results with this Event the first time around Im doing it again! The goal is to walk 30 mins a day for 31 Days.

Weekly Check In: I'm on target! I've done park walking, gym and I brought 2 leslie sansone DVD's 9 for 9

I have to keep track of actual dates! 
So last week I walked 4 Days and biked 3 because of a foot injury. So that brings us to Monday the 13th! I will do day by day breakdowns next week!
Happy Walking!!

Book Blog Walkers Jan 2014 Book Blog Walkers is BACK: Sign up for Jan Challenge #bookblogwalkers


My anxious life said...

I am joining up with this too!

Angela's Anxious Life

Kristin said...

So happy to see so many of us joining in! Don't you just love the Leslie Sansone DVD's? I've been doing them these past few weeks since we've been having such crazy cold temps lately.

Good luck!
My Weekly Check-in

Kathryn T. said...

This January is my first time joining this and it has just been the right way for me to get back to some walking. It is summer in NZ, but I suspect there will be days in our winter when I will be looking for a DVD option.

Berls said...

Awesome! I did #bookblogwalkers back in October too and it really motivated me, so I' thrilled we'll be doing it all year. Good luck next week :-)

Teddyree said...

I've joined up too, 1st time particpating but was excited to see Felicia's running with it through the year. Great to have the support and encouragement! Good luck :)