Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: Earthward by Miller, Takara & Petter

Kickstarter Reward

Kickstarter has really given comic book fans a way to be involved in every part of books production. It all begins with the creator. though I've seen a lot of interesting  books on the kickstarter website, all the books I’ve backed have been from creators I’m familiar with.
I discovered  writer Brian Q . Miller through his popular run on Batgirl and his current run on the Smallville Digital comic series at DC comics. Brian is a writer I enjoy but it was the story itself that caused me to back the project.

This poster made me immediately back the project:


Supporting character diversity in all of the genres I love has been a goal of mine for a long time. Just  by this cover the reader learns their is not only racial diversity in this story but a large female presence .

The world of Earthward is one where mankind is across the galaxy and Earth is thought of as a myth. A group of scientists aboard the Independent Science Vessel Mercury have formed a family of sorts united in their scientific research. The children of the different families go on a routine supply run only to return to an empty ship. The parents have all left without any word or clue to their location.
The kids take this opportunity to seek out the project that their parents have been laboring on in secret. It is a replica of a tree tied to all of their DNA and reveals itself as a map to a universe none of them have seen before.
A map that makes them a target for Space Pirates,the United Armada and a former friend turned traitor.

The Children & teens are the stars of this book so the script sets things in motion really quickly so they are on their own. I really loved the interaction between the children and the various personalities. My favorites were Smack, a bit of a bad boy and Trin & Cody  two brilliant twins with deadpan humor. The number 1 on my book gives me great hope that their are more adventures to come.

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I love kickstarter for supporting my favorite authors! :)