Friday, February 7, 2014

Monsterrific Tales Spotlight: The Wavering Werewolf by David Lubar

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review
I’m a monster girl. I always have been! I was raised on Saturday movie matinees and creature features. From Werewolves  to The Creature From The Black Lagoon. So when I received a copy of The Wavering Werewolf the monster fan in me was so excited. With the tag line: “Kids can be such monsters… literally” , Lubar’s books focus on children who have to make the choice between man and monster. For Norman the choice is between Wolf and Boy. After taking off from his classmates in the forest during a field trip, Norman gets nipped on the nose by a wolf. Soon strange changes begin to happen to Norman. His vision is now so sharp he doesn't need eyeglasses, his appetite increases, especially for meat and he has a strange aversion to silver.
Things are exciting for Norman as he explores his new powers until he comes across a hunter who tracking down his attacker. Norman learns this might be his fate as well if he decides to turn furry. For Decision is is the key to Normans transformation. If he chooses to, he can remain a  wolf forever.

This was a quick entertaining read. I really enjoyed the verbal dialogue between Norman and his friends. It was very authentic and it was nice that the language is clean making this a great middle grade/ ten read. Norman himself is a bit sarcastic which was fun as well. As the moon draws closer to full Norman is still not sure of what his choice will be, but when he takes the time to search his heart and head all becomes clear.
This book is part of an ongoing series but its a stand alone read as well. Here are a few more of the books in the series:

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Hope you check them out!

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