Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: Batman Castle of the Bat by Jack C. Harris & Bo Hampton



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Batman lends him self to a variety of stories. Nothing explored the possibility of these various versions of Bats then the Elseworlds line of books. In Castle of the Bat  it is Germany, 1819 in the small village of Ingoldstadt highwaymen are meeting their deaths at the hands of a vicious bat like creature. Medical student Bruce Wayne is frightened by the report of the latest murder. he runs to his castle and his loyal servant Alfredo screaming “ He’s struck again” .

The reader is then shown flashbacks of Bruce’s medical training and more importantly his strange experiments trying to bridge the gap between life and death.
This story has a wonderful gothic feel to it. There are the essential elements of Bruce's origin along with some of the themes from the classic Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelly.
I loved Hampton’s art. It had both a classic gothic look with painted watercolors.
A look back at DC comics past and the enduring themes of Batman.

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