Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: Bloodstone by Gillian Philip

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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So here we are at a pivotal point of any series: The Second Book. I fell in love with the characters in Firebrand and so my expectations were high for this sequel. I enjoyed this book but I will confess it wasn't what I expected.
Centuries have passed since book one. We now see Seth and Conal in the modern world and they are still searching for the Bloodstone. Though banned from crossing the veil Seth and his band have made countless trips back and forth to visit friends and loved ones. Alost immediately though the reader is shifted to focus on the characters Jed Cameron a young thief dealing with his mothers addiction issues and trying to keep his younger brother fed, and Finn Mac Angus, a young woman with Sithe blood yet ignorant of her heritage.

I didn't dislike these characters but I was expecting more of Seth and Conal’s journeys and an explanation of the time between books. However once I just relaxed into the narrative I became interested in Jed and Finn’s relationship. As the story unfolds however its also clear that the appearance of Jed into Seth’s life is more than mere coincidence as Jed has the ability to cross the veil which proves he isn't just an ordinary human.
As a reader we really form expectations from authors and their characters but this book was a good reminder that an author may have a bigger narrative landscape in mind that isn't always apparent in the beginning book.
What is consistent in this book is Gillian’s stellar character and world building. Nothing in her story is random, I didn't realize why there was such a focus on Jed ( even Seth isn't remotely interested despite the connection between them) but as the book came to a close I marveled at how it was all so cleverly interconnected.
A very solid read. Looking forward to the next book !

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Pamela D said...

This happens to me all the time. I expect book 2 to be about the characters I know and love, and book 2 is all about new characters and I discover the world is bigger than I thought!