Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review: Hardware By Dwayne McDuffie & Denys Cowan









DC Comics/Wildstorm


During my absence from comics there was an incredible man who added much needed diversity to the comic book world: Dwayne McDuffie. Dwayne’s influence created a very diverse line of comics for the span of his lifetime. Even though he is no longer with us the comic community still remembers him fondly. Dwayne’s absence however has also meant that loss of diversity in general as well as DC comics specifically. Thanks to graphic novels though his legacy of characters can be read and enjoyed by many.

Hardware not only has a prominent black protagonist but it also shows an African-American creator and scientist. Curt Metcalf has discovered that his boss Edwin Alva has not only cheated him from his fair share of profits but Alva is also heavily connected with the criminal underworld. So when Curt tries to legitimately get what is owed to him he is met with intense resistance.

So Metcalf creates Hardware and exacts his revenge. I loved the action in this book and the authentic voices of the characters. I confess that Hardware does have a little bit of the 90’itis. The art is big, the muscles are bulging and the clothes have a definite 80’s glam edge :)

However I still find the book inspiring and continue my quest to read more of Dwayne’s books.

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