Saturday, February 15, 2014

Review: Revelations by J. A. Souders






I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review


Tor Books


In this second book of The Elysium Chronicles we get to learn about the surface world and Gavin’s family. For Evie however there is nothingness. All of her memories from Elysium are gone, including those of her Mother’s mind control, controlled breeding and violence. It is even hard for Evie to connect with Gavin. The attraction and attachment the formed in the undersea world is tested.


When her memories do start to surface they are triggered by people above ground showing that there is more of a connection between Elysium and the Surface then any of them knew before. As they travel to the Outlands for answers everything points to the need to return to were it all began .

This was a solid story. I really liked reading the different perspectives in narrative between Gavin and Evie, and the introduction of new characters. I especially enjoyed that the character Asher didn't immediately turn the story into a love triangle.

I’m really looking forward in seeing how this all wraps up!

This book is also new reader friendly. There is enough explanation to catch new readers up but I do highly suggest the first book.


Karen said...

I loved the first book and really need to pick this one up soon.

Pamela D said...

I hope that the third book meets your expectations! :)