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Review: Until Death Do Us Part by Takashige & DOUBLE -S














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I love browsing through the manga and graphic novel aisle of my local library. That’s how I stumbled across this series. My local branch had 4 volumes on the shelf so I picked up 2 of them. Each volume is over 400 pages long!


The Story


Death is a contemporary manga with underworld and supernatural elements . The story opens with a young girl fleeing from her guards and into the path of Mamoru a young blind man and sword master. Mamoru was in the midst of testing a pair of glasses that send him enough tactile info to mimic vision. 


The young girl who enters Mamoru’s life  has the ability to foresee the future for people who will be important forces in her life. Her instincts have told her that is who Mamoru is . After an action packed fight scenes Mamoru takes Hakura back to his partners office. The pair are intrigued by Hakura’s powers and drawn into helping her.

That help leads to conflict from the police, underworld soldiers and the Element Network that is trying to take down a terrorist group.

I really loved the action in this story and the portrayal of the female leads. There is some chemistry between Mamoru and Hakura, but it isn't creepy, which is important because there is a significant age difference between them.

However there is a big reveal at the end of this volume that may lead to more romance in future volumes.

I loved the seamless way new characters and situations were introduced into the series and the swordplay. Mamoru is still a bit of an enigma. His character reminds me a lot of Matt Murdock aka Daredevil.

Looking forward to seeing the series unfold.

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