Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Share 24: Romantic Reads, Reading Life, Movie Book & Valentines Binges




Kai Sunday Share 3


Happy Sunday!! I’ve spent most of the week reading for these two readathons:




So there have been a lot of romance books bumped to the top of my pile like this:



Reading Life

I have 25 Physical books left to read!!! 25! I'm really determined to finish these by June. I don't EVER want to have an out of control tbr pile of physical books  again. I'm going to be very careful the rest of this year with purchases and my acceptance of review books. All bets are off however if I end up attending an ALA event in 2015!


Reading Stats

According to goodreads I’ve read 50 towards my goal of 280 books. I’m glad to be ahead, but some of those are novellas and graphic novels & manga which I don't really count in my personal tally.


Movie Book

I started keeping a journal this week of movies I’ve seen. It must be in the thousands! I'm looking forward to adding all the films past and present into the journal. Speaking of movies I saw this movie yesterday and loved it:



Valentine Binges

Valentines Day is always a fun day for me. I love giving little candies and Valentines to friends and co-workers, even if I don't have a special guy in my life. So I will be reading and watching some very romantic and well loved books and stories this week:















Heart of Ice





So what's coming up for you this week?


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Pamela D said...

Congrats on reading down the TBR pile! Only 25 books is fantastic! :)