Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TBR Review: Fury of the Phoenix by Cindy Pon










Harper Teen

Sequel to Silver Phoenix





When I signed up for the TBR event from  Roofbeam Reader I knew I had to add Fury to my list. I’ve had this book on my shelf way to long . This book is a continuation of Ai Ling & Chen Long’s story from Cindy’s book Silver Phoenix. I loved the ending of Silver, especially because of the friendship ( in Ai Ling’s case love), between the characters.

At the beginning of this book Ai Ling has let Chen Yong go. She knows it’s Chen’s path to seek his Father, but she cant shake the feeling that Chen’s life is in danger. So Ai disguises herself as a boy and sneaks on board the ship that is taking Chen to Jiang.

After proving her self useful to Captain Peng and saving Chen’s life, Ai Ling settles into life onboard ship and wonders what changes life in Jiang will bring. Ai also finds herself falling deeper in love with Chen, only to discover that he is betrothed. Ah my heart!

The second narrative focus  in this book was really surprising to me because it centered around Zhong Ye, the deceased sorcerer from Silver Phoenix, who continues to haunt Ai’s dreams and possibly her soul. Pon does something tremendous with Zhong’s story, she generates compassion in the reader towards the stories darkest character.

As the two stories unfolded it created a tug of war that made me unable to put the book down. When I was reading about Zhong I was wondering about Ai and Chen, and as Ai and Chen’s experiences showed their foundations tied to Zhong’s past I couldn’t wait to get back Zhong and Silver Phoenix’s story.


Surrounding all these elements are the wonderful touches that only Pon could share through her  own personal experiences: history, magic , myth and food. Ohthe food! One of Ai’s most distinctive features is her love of a good meal. Seeing her experiencing the new food of Jiang was adorable, and made me very hungry!

This book has it all: creepy monsters, magic and mystery and two young hearts whose love for each other is complicated by secrets and obligations. I loved that both Chen and Ai are strong and vulnerable. They compliment each other beautifully, and Chen accepts Ai’s power, and her strength without feeling threatened or weak.


I zipped through the final chapters nerves completely on edge wondering at the conclusion! I loved what Pon came up with and that all secrets and emotions were laid bare for healing and completion.   I’m going to miss these characters so much but they are only a bookshelf away. If you haven’t read this spectacular series give it a try!

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Yea for picking up a book that had been sitting on your shelf for a while. :)