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Review: Adventure Time: Playing With Fire & Pixel Princesses








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I read the first issue of Adventure time a while ago but never picked up the series. Recently Comixology had an Adventure time sale and I got these two graphic novels for $2.99 each!


Playing With Fire

This was a really nice story about Finn and his relationship with Flame Princess. Though not a forbidden love there are some logistical problems because everything Flame touches well it burns! The two go on a date to Carnival Kingdom. Things are going well until Finn is kidnapped and Flames quick temper is put to good use as she and Jake go on a quest to rescue him.


This was so much fun! The interior pages are black and white but that doesn't diminish the amazing art at all. Jake and Flame’s alone time together is very funny, the best friend and the girlfriend relationship can be strained without Finn around but these two make it work somehow and succeed at their quest. I really loved Danielle Corsetto’s story and Zak Sterling is an amazing artist.


Pixel Princess

This story has the same creative team: Danielle and Zak. The story centers around Lumpy Space Princess  who has not so subtly arranged for the other Princesses to throw her the party. Nothing pleases LSP. She is especially upset that Bumble gum Princess hasn't even come. LSP becomes sp upset she wonders if she even wants to be a princess. As she says those words the star from her forehead falls out and flies away. Computer game BMO sees the flying star and wishes that whatever it takes to be a princess to be “inside of me”

Immediately after all the princesses are digitalized and transported into a digital world where they must play against a series of challenges to survive. This was so fun and action packed. I loved how the princesses all worked together and found a way to survive the game. A very sweet ending and an enjoyable read.

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