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Review: Cemetery Girl by Harris & Golden








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I have mixed feelings about this book. At first I was excited about the prospect of a supernatural themed graphic novel series. Especially since I’m such a fan of Charlaine’s  Harper Connolly novels. This team up with Christopher Golden is about a young woman who wakes up bruised and bloody in a cemetery. She has know idea who she is yet an overwhelming need to stay hidden. She names herself Calexa Rose Dunhill based on some graves she sleeps near every night. The caretaker of the Cemetery respects her need for privacy and even manages to help her by “accidently” dropping money and not noticing the disappearing food from his refrigerator.


Calexa also discovers she can see the spirits of the deceased leave their bodies after being sprinkled with holy water. One night while walking the perimeter Calexa watches a group of teens setting up a ritual. She is intrigued by them until she watches a female in the group kill another girl as part of a ritual. The teens run but the girls spirit settles inside of Calexa showing her the reason behind the murder and also images of Calexa’s own forgotten past.


Now Calexa must decide if she will risk exposure to give the spirit closure or if she will just stay in hiding. This book held my interest at the start but the rest of the book was kind of slow.

I understood why Calexa wouldn’t go straight to the police, but I couldn't understand why she wouldn't leave an anonymous tip or tell her helpers about the situation.

Instead Calexa  begins her own investigation. There were some interesting parts to Calexa’s investigation but I found the ending predictable. 

This was an introductory volume so maybe future books will flesh out the story. The art on this book was really stellar so that added a lot to what enjoyment I took from the book.

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