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Review: The Death Cure by James Dashner








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As I’ve mentioned before finishing up series books is the main focus of my reading life for 2014. So when I received Death Cure in my holiday swap gift I was really excited. I’m a huge fan of James Dashner. The highlight of my 2013 San Diego Comic Con was meeting him at a poster signing and seeing The Maze runner Panel at Nerd HQ( Its going to be an INCREDIBLE MOVIE GUYS!). So I was looking forward to seeing how it all came together.

Sigh. This is so hard for me to write. I found Death Cure to be well, OK. As a reader I really was attached to The Maze Runner. It still is in my opinion a perfect read. So I formed some opinions and expectations about what was to come. I found The Scorch Trials very confusing and thought that a lot of interpersonal connections amongst the Gladers  got lost when they entered the larger world of the series. Especially with the character of Teresa who went from ally to traitor, to ally to ooops! SUPER TRAITOR.

But again these things are my personal reactions and now that I've finished the series I’m looking forward to suing what others felt.

Death Cure does succeed in several key areas:



Readers do get a lot more info about Wicked and what the Maze and other test subjects were meant to do. Thomas is once again in Wicked’s clutches and they give him some startling information: That all the data needed is in place and all they need is Thomas in order to map out the cure for the Flare. The choice is the key focus to the ending of this book and it was a surprising twist.


Character Wrap Up’s

Thomas’s journey has brought him into contact with many people and all of those characters fates are pretty much explained and wrapped up with some unexpected twists and resolutions. However I didn't feel the emotional resonance the narrative was trying to project.

Final Thoughts

There are  some wonderful moments in the series all around but I fell at some point I need to reread it in its entirety to see if my immediate reactions change. Solid in a lot of areas but not the conclusion I expected or really enjoyed. I still have tremendous affection for the characters and the original book in the series.

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Pamela D said...

Sorry to hear that this wasn't a solid book for you. I've heard that while the first book in this series is great, the others are a bit problematic. :(