Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review: Foreplay by Sophie Jordan













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The first in The Ivy Chronicles, this story focuses on Pepper, a young woman whose life has centered around school and her love for her best friends brother Hunter. When Pepper gets the call that Hunter has broken up with his long term girlfriend. There is only one problem, Pepper has zero flirting experience. Pepper’s roommates come up with a plan: find a foreplay expert who can show Pepper some seduction tips before she makes her play for Hunter.


Enter Reece bartender at the local college bar and someone who Pepper is instantly drawn to. Reece is Hunters total opposite and smolderingly sexy! As the two begin their “studies”, Pepper finds her feelings are much deeper than she expected. She must decide between the fantasy guy who now notices her existence or the very real guy in her bed.

This was a fun & sexy read. Sophie did a great job with the characters and situations. There were some disturbing revelations about Pepper’s past that were handled very well and explained her sexual naiveté.

Reece also has hidden depths to his personality. He tries to pretend he is just taking advantage of a good thing but his emotions are quickly entangled with Pepper.

Really loved this! looking forward to the other books in the series.   

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