Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: North 40 by Williams & Staples


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I picked up this book because of the artist Fiona Staples, I love her work and the horror themes in this book were intriguing as well. In an isolated town two young people open an ancient magic tome and invoke horrors into the town. Everything becomes transformed. some get turned into vicious creatures and others are given psychic powers and superhuman strength. A barrier arises at the edge of the town limits and a monstrous creature waits  in the desert for the energy that will let it arise.

There are a lot of familiar horror tropes in this story but they are artfully done. There are zombies attacking a dance, lawmen trying to keep the peace with limited resources and the trapped atmosphere that is driving the townspeople to extremes.
Dark and twisted with a satisfying ending that leave an opening for more stories.

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