Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Slave by Cheryl Brooks










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A couple of years ago during Christmas source books had this amazing sale on selected E-Books . I snapped up this one and the second book in the series Warrior for 99 cents. I brought these books solely on their covers (yummy!) and the Science Fiction elements to the story. Slave is told through the first person narrative of Jacinth, an intergalactic trader who is also searching for her lost sister.

Jacinth is always a few steps behind her sister and her sisters possible captors. Now Jacinth gets a tip that her sister is being held on a planet where women are slaves and she can’t  even step foot on the planet without a “master”.

This dilemma leads Jacinth to the slave markets of a nearby planet and into the ownership role of Cat, a warrior with feline grace and a strong sexual presence Jacinth cant resist.

The funny thing about this book was that I loved the characters more than the sexual aspects. Yes there were some sexy scenes but there was also some great character development and fun dialogue.

Jacinth is so much fun. She is very sarcastic and action orientated. She has a big heart but years of living on her own leaves her with a  lot of rough edges.

Cat plays the “straight man” in a lot of the scenes as he learns about Jacinth’s personality and language patterns. They are wonderful together.

A nice blend of action and romance and a great lead in to the Cat Star Chronicles.

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