Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review: Star Wars Infinities: Return Of The Jedi











Dark Horse Comics





Another Infinities title and this time its for Return of The Jedi. What I noticed with these stories in the ROTJ line is they aren't interconnected. Each one has a different twist so what happened in Empire Infinities didn't happen in the Universe this book inhabits. For ROTJ Infinities The Rescue of Han goes wrong. Very wrong! Not everyone makes it off Tatooine and Yoda passes on with out seeing Luke again. These changes shift things in the Emperors favor and may even spell a different outcome for the final battle. Yet the resilience of  a small rebel band and some Imperial hating Ewok’s may still win the day.


This version of ROTJ brought some drastic changes to the story, especially for Han and Vader. I’ve always been a bit conflicted with the fact that Vader’s help towards Luke in the end of ROTJ was enough to “clean his slate” so to speak. The ending of this book shows what choices Darth may have made if he made it of the second Death Star alive.

Very solid , interesting read.

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