Saturday, March 8, 2014

Review Superman : Dark Knight Over Metropolis







DC Comics



One of the things I miss most about the pre-New 52 Universe was the friendship between Bruce and Clark. it had built up over the years to be one of the foundational relationships of the DC Universe. So when I saw this digital graphic novel on sale for $3.99 on Google play I snapped it up!

In this story a crime in Gotham leads to the Worlds greatest detective to Metropolis.There the two discover a supernatural element to the crime that puts them both in danger. I loved “classic” Clark and the small cameo by Lois Lane.

There are also some great framing stories that tie into the main story including one with a group of scientists given powers from some cosmic rays.These stories shows how the different crime fighting styles of the duo merge well together and the trust that Clark places in Bruce.

A nice look a DC’s past . 

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