Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: X-man Days of Future Past















One of the most anticipated geeky movies coming up is X-Men Days of Future Past. So it is really smart of Marvel to rerelease a graphic novel that collects the two issue series the movie is based on along with some classic Claremont/Byrne stories. Interesting enough the first issue reprinted in this story kind of connects with the ending of the last X-men movie. Its called Elegy and focuses around the funeral of Jean Grey and Scott’s temporary absence from the X-men.


Next we have Nightcrawler’s Inferno a story from X-Men annual 4 that involves Kurt and a few other X-Men becoming trapped in limbo.

Then another one shot story called Rage, and then we are at the star of the reprint : The two issues of Day’s shows us the future of mankind and its not a good one for mutants.The United states has taken their fear of mutants to a very dark place. All mutants are  tagged and their powers are inhibited, they even control mutants reproductive rights. Kate Pryde, Rachel Summers, Franklin Richards and Wolverine have come up with a plan to change their world. They realize that the assassination of an anti mutant legislator set the path to the world they now live in.

The plan is to send Kate’s consciousness back to her younger body so she can warn the X-men of the future to come.

This is such an amazing story. All these years later it still is a wonderful read and a classic comic story for the ages. This is one of the X-men’s most definitive stories and really showcases the power of the comic book medium.

Highly recommend this for those interested in seeing the origins of the newest movie in the X-Men franchise.

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