Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review X-Men Season 1











X-Men was the series that made me a marvel fan. For years I read multiple adventures from my favorite characters over several different books. I became very overwhelmed with all the crossovers and books in the late 90’s but when the first X-men movie was released I revisited the comics and realized some great stories had been published in my absence.


The Marvel Season One series are a retelling of sorts around the origins of some of Marvels greatest characters. There aren’t a lot of changes in this series but more like a retelling through fresh eyes. For the original X-men those eyes are Jean Grey’s. From her first day at Xavier’s School for Gifted Students, through her growth in powers to the angst of young love, we see the history of the original five X-men.

This book is a love letter to the classic X-men series  and the books ability to appeal to a variety of readers.A very solid read and a perfect jumping on point for new readers

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