Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Share 28: Divergent, Reading Life & Events & Con Prep!






Kai Sunday Share 2



Happy Sunday! I haven't done these in a few weeks. I've had a lot of work which is good and I’ve been working really hard to clear out my TBR Piles.



I was very lucky to get a pass to the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Screening in Burbank on Wednesday. It was such a cool event! Free popcorn & Drinks a limited edition Divergent poster and a Q& A with the Director, Producer and the actor who played Eric. I really loved this movie. I feel a lot of it is do to the Director.

He talked about the detailed conversations he had with Veronica about the society and the motivations of the characters. One thing that I was really pleased to see was the amount racial diversity in the cast. The leader of Dauntless was African- American and there were as noticeable amount of Black, Hispanic and Asian characters through out the cast.

I loved the fact that there was so much diversity it was obvious that the intention was not to just throw a few “token” appearances.


Reading Life

My Physical TBR pile is down to 15 . My goal is to finish these by June. With the 24 hour readathon coming in April and the Bout of Books readathon following, I’m confident I can finish these all by the end of April. Also I just passed 100 books for my Goodreads challenge :0


Review Books

I’ve been turning down a lot of review books in order to clear out my reading pile, so my current review stack is at a manageable 6 .

Here are the books that came in for review in the past few weeks:

Both of these are from TOR and are continuations of my some of my favorite series

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Right now I’m totally immersed in Batman! I'm going to be celebrating Batman's birthday in May by hosting giveaways, guest posts and reviews. If you would like to provide a guest post leave me a comment:



Con Prep


Wondercon is less than a month away and its my first convention of the year. So now I’m in prep mode! I will be sharing a tips post some time next week.


Happy Sunday & Happy Reading!


Pamela D said...

I hope that you enjoy The Tropic of Serpents!

Angela's Anxious Life said...

How fun you are going to Wondercon... I will be attending San Diego Comic Con again in July. Should be fun!