Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review: The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor






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The idea of tie in novels set in The Walking Dead Universe is a terrific idea. Focusing on one of the favorite villains of the comic book: The Governor was another great idea. However the execution of the story hit a few potholes in the narrative road for me.   

I am a fan of the comics and so there were a lot of pieces that I was able to fill in but I think readers not familiar with the universe miss out on the really cool Easter eggs through out the book.

The story focuses on Brian and Phillip two brothers travelling through the world after the zombie virus has devastated their world. Philip and a few of his best friends are well equipped for this new world physically and emotionally. Philip's main concern is his daughter Penny. Brian has become the default babysitter since he hasn't been  able to handle the necessary killing of the infected. Brian loves his niece so there is no resentment in taking care of her, yet he does struggle internally with his fears.

When the group meets a family on their own they join with them lending their strength and working on building a semblance of  a normal life. One act by Philip however leaves them estranged from the family and once again on the road.

My favorite parts of this book was the zombie action but between those scenes the story dragged and I couldn't really connect with any of the characters.

I also hated the abrupt ending, even though I know what comes next because of the comics and the TV show. I might give the other books in the series a try but not anytime soon.

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