Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TBR Pile Challenge Review: Learning From The Octopus by Rafe Sagarin







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My first non-fiction book of the year! I brought this book two years ago at ALA Annual and it felt great to finally read it. Rafe began his career as an ecologist and now works as a security consultant. These two jobs wouldn't seem to be interconnected but Rafe has found that the adaptability of animal life is something that can be used as a tool in human conflicts.

I was fascinated by Rafe’s observations of organisms in tide pools and how he shows natures defense to change can offer valuable insight if we take the time to observe. The observations regarding the Octopus were fascinating, and the parallels Rafe  drew between them and human experiences were fascinating reading.

From thriving in uncertainty to necessary symbiotic relationships, this book shows how to not let technology or personal biases block our basic intuition.

Some really deep information in a highly readable package. A book I will definitely revisit in the future.

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