Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Armchair BEA Day 3: Novellas

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Novella’s have become a huge part of my reading life since I bought a nook. From Netgalley to free novellas on Amazon, I've discovered some amazing authors and read great short stories from authors I've read for a long time. Here are some of my favorite novella’s I’ve read this year:

Free Novellas
I brought the first book in The Brothers Sinister Series after reading this lovely novella
There are about 10 free novellas that introduce the characters in The Ever After High series. They are quick reads and really made me want to read the series of books.
Netgalley has all five episodes of this novella series available. It’s a great read, super sexy!

Favorite Authors
I really enjoyed these 2 novellas from authors I enjoy. Harper Teen Impulse has a great selection of novellas at a great price.


I paid $2.99 for this novella but it was worth every penny! it’s the first thing I've ever read of Karen Russell’s and I've become quite the fan of hers.

Hope your loving ArmchairBEA


Leila @ Readers' Oasis said...

Try Russell's short story collection "Vampires in the Lemon Grove." But my favorite Russell work is her only (to date!) novel, "Swamplandia!"

Kristina said...

I haven't heard of most of these but sound like great reads

fredamans said...

Nice list, have to check some out. Thanks!

Katrina @ Bookish Things said...

I didn't know the Ever After High characters had novellas. I'll have to check them out to read aloud to the Wee One. We both love them.

Alisha (MyNeedToRead) said...

Toootally agree with you about Courtney Milan. She is such a fantastic writer, and knows how to craft a great novella. Have you read the prequel novella, The Governess Affair?