Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Batfamily Spotlight: Batman Beyond : Hush Beyond



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Batman: Hush is an amazing story by Jeph Loeb Jim Lee about a Villain who uses Batman’s allies and foes against him. In Hush Beyond Adam Beechen shows us what havoc Hush would get into in the futuristic Gotham. This story is new reader friendly along with having some great Easter eggs for fans who have read the original.

Hush escapes from a holding facility and as his memories return he begins a quest for vengeance against the future Batman and has Allies. Lots of great action in this story and I really loved seeing the future Nightwing  aka Dick Grayson. There are some great twists in this story which make it much more interesting than just a retelling of the Hush storyline in a different context. awesome art an dialogue. I got the urge to watch the animated Batman Beyond after reading this which is a testament to how well the art and story captured the feel of the show.

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Charles Ellington said...

Great now I definitely have to look this up I loved the original Hush story