Monday, May 12, 2014

Bout of Books Final Wrap Up


It’s time! I really enjoy this readathon and this time around I’m not only reading but I’m a Bout Of Books expert as well. What does that mean? Well It means I’m available for any questions about the event( this is my 10th one), I will also be leaving comments on various blogs and cheering everyone on via Twitter & Facebook.
Final wrap Up!!!
I read 17 books (lost of them graphic novels and e-books) & 4 novellas!
I didn't read as many of my physical tbr books but I’m really glad that my netgalley dashboard is clear. Hope you guys all did well!
Books Read:
Inside Divergent
The Strain Volume 1 (GN)
17 Books +4 novellas
The Ninth Configuration
Total Books Read:
15 Books + 4 novellas
Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters ( GN)
The Escape by Mary Balogh
Total books Read:
14 Books & 4 novellas
Books Read:
Grindhouse GN
Love & Decay volume 2
Total Books Read:
12 Books & 4 Novellas



Everything I need to know I learned from a golden book 
Total Books Read:
10 books + 4 novellas 


In The Dark(GN)
Love Letters From The Dead
Zom-B Mission
Total Books Read:
9 books + 4 novellas
Books Read:
Btoom Volume 5 (manga)
Catwoman-When in Rome(GN)
Judge Anderson(GN)
Manifest Destiny (GN)
Super- Ego (GN)
Extinction Parade(GN)
The Last Good Knight episode 2-6 (novellas)
Total Books Read:
6 Books & 4 novellas

Reading Goals
I’m hoping to read 8 books. Here are some of my reading choices:
6690798 17910078


Happy Reading!


Karsyn Smith said...

I'm aiming for at least 8 as well. Good luck with your reading! I know The Passage is long, my hubby loved it, I hope you do too.

Michelle P said...

8 books is fantastsic, I am hoping to do at least 3 lol. Good Luck on all your reads. My friend read the Passage and said it was really good. I hope you enjoy ti :)