Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: Attack On Titan: Before The Fall Volume: 1


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I’m really obsessed with Attack on Titan! I’ve seen season one with English subtitles, I’m anxiously waiting for the English version on toonami and I’m all caught up on the manga. So when I saw this series I couldn't wait to read it. This series is a prequel to the events in the regular ongoing series. When two Survey Corps members find a baby in side the body of a dead titan they bring him back to the city where he is purchased by a rich family.
The head of the family spreads the rumor that his prisoner is a Titan and ties him up so his son can abuse and fight him.This torture continues for years, until a young woman decides to free him. This story is more about the mental state of humans living in constant fear and what the privileged few will do to amuse themselves.
I’m interested to see how this series plays out.

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