Sunday, May 4, 2014

Review: Princess LableMaker To The Rescue by Tom Angleberger

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This is another series that brings out more fangirling than reviewing when it comes to sharing my thoughts. What I’ve loved about this series is the wonderful diversity of characters and puppets.

There is an abundance of male and female characters as well as an assortment of origami characters that represent the Star Wars universe wonderfully. In this volume we see the debut of Princess Labelmaker!

The students of McQuarrie High are in the midst of their greatest battle against Fun Time, an extremely boring test prep course, that has taken the place of all the elective activities the students formerly loved. Though Princess Rabbski has promised to help the kids nothing seems to change. The kids continue to keep their case files as they work to build a solid rebellion. Things look even bleaker as origami Yoda/Rebellion leader  Dwight is forced to stay out of this battle ,r risk being sent back to a special education class.
Then the unthinkable happens, the kids case file ends up in the hands of the Principal! There is an origami Leia attached to the file along with some notes from Princess Labelmaker. With the big test day coming up Princess Labelmaker knows that the Principle is their only hope. Will Rabbski see the light? Or be consumed by Dark Side lead by Emperor Fun Time?
This middle grade series just gets better and better. It’s amazing fun to let my inner ten year old out to read more about the McQuarrie kids journey and make really bad origami !
I also love how Tom folds in societal issues about women, relationships and sexuality into the stories at an appropriate level for the target audience. Most notably in the case file where a young boy is kept out of school pictures because he shows up to school in a pink shirt.
A wonderful read!

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