Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Strange Journeys: Batman vs. The Undead



DC Comics
Library Book

As I’ve mentioned in other Graphic Novel reviews, there are about 7 years where I  didn't read comic books. I love browsing the graphic novel section at my local library to fill in the “missing years”. I’ll confess I thought this book was going to be a bit cheezy .This was my first read by Kevin Van Hook and Tom Mandrake  and its a very solid and creepy tale, that shows the essence of Batman can survive any situation.
Batman is on the trail of an Arkham  escapee at the beginning of this story. Doctor Herbert Combs is not only a murdered, he also possess the supernatural talent to raise the dead. The trail of course leads to New Orleans  where Batman teams up with the Vampire Dimeter who is seeking Combs in order to be released from his vampiric curse.
Despite the duo’s strength Batman and Dimeter  find themselves fighting hordes of the Undead (ZOMBIES!!). Even with these strange circumstances Batman holds his ground with his trademark combination of brains and brawn. My favorite scene in this book is when the Vampire Dimeter begins to panic  under the assault of zombies screams to Batman: “What do we do? ” Batman’s response? : “ Shut up and Fight”. I love Him!
Batman manages to keep his cool through out the barrage of undead clawing for his life. He even calls in his Red & Blue Pal for some help, though Superman is useless against magic, he brings some much needed support .
A really awesome read!

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