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Fangirl Summer Duo Review: Page by Paige & Will & Whit Laura Lee Gulledge





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Page by Page is one of those graphic novels I’ve heard a lot of buzz about and after reading it I can see why. Inspired by true events in Laura’s life Page follows the journey of a teenage girl adapting to life in New York city. Page decides to keep a visual journal, based on inspirational  quotes from her grandmother. Page finds her voice through her writings,and drawings and her circumstances at school improve when she is “adopted” by three very artistic fellow students. One of which becomes her first significant relationship.

Reading this book as an adult really inspired me to be more creative. It’s so easy to let “real life” stop you from following certain passions. I've been wanting to draw for a long time but haven't found an affordable art class to peruse it. This book was such a refreshing reminder that Art is a personal creation and that training is not always required.

This book was also one of the most realistic looks at what goes on in the artistic mind that I’ve ever read. I really loved it!





Will & Whit has similar themes as Page in regards to the main character Will aka Wilhelmina, facing a major change in her life. For Will however it is the loss of her parents that  creates a variety of phobias. Especially being in the dark. I really loved how Laura handled the topic of grief in this book as well as showing the origin of many of Will’s phobias. When hurricane Whitney comes to Will’s town the lack of electricity forces her to deal with the fears she has been manifesting . Will and her friends are also drawn into the lives of a group of performers who have brought a summer arts carnival to their town. This book has a lot of fun and humor for a book tackling serious emotional issues. I really loved the racially diverse characters and that two of these characters start a romantic relationship together. A really powerful read with a satisfying ending that left me quite teary eyed. I’m so excited to see what is next creatively for Laura.





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