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Fangirl Summer: Ladies To Love Judge Anderson by Wagner, Grant & Various

Fiction State of Mind-03

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Portrayals of women in comics is always a topic of discussion amongst female fans. 2000 AD however has been producing stories of one of the most amazing characters for over 20 years:  Judge Anderson. John  Wagner and Alan Grant created Anderson and a series of solo adventures for her under the Psi-Division.

Anderson lives in operates in the same world as Judge Dredd. He psychic gifts are so strong that her character flaws as a Judge, ( sharp tongue, sassy personality and penchant for flirting) are overlooked. In this trade collection we see Anderson at her finest.
The first story in this trade is Four Dark Judges is the return of Judge Death a visitor from another dimension who believes life is a crime and all must be sentenced to Death.
Anderson is tricked into returning Death and his comrades to existence through some mummified corpses. The four judges are now leaving a mountain of corpses wherever the go and the Psi- Corps is scrambling to stop them.

In The Possessed  Anderson has to stop a cult that has raised a demon that is possessing a young boy. Lots of action and dimension hopping as Anderson fights demons and makes tough choices. I really loved the fast pace of this story.

Hour of the Wolf is a really trippy mystery story. Anderson keeps getting psychic messages of of a lone wolf in her dreams and during strange times throughout the day. They block her from predicting a series of terrorist attacks against different governmental buildings. As the story unfolds Anderson learns that a powerful psychic has been blocking her to protect a prison break.    
This volume is a wonderful showcase of Wagner & Grant’s creative prowess and one of my favorite characters from the 2000 AD universe.

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