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Fangirl Summer Spotlight Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files:Volume 1






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2000AD is one of the longest running comic book series. The adventures of Judge Dredd have run in the magazine for many years and, he is just as popular today as he was then. I don't know what is is about Joe Dredd. He isn't super cuddly and he treats the few people in his personal life( Walter the Robot and Maria his house keeper) with very little affection.Yet Joe’s appeal both inside and outside the comic is widespread. He is tough as nails officer of the law  who is quick on the trigger and heavy on the administering of justice. I loved seeing characters old and new once again and also watching Judge Dredd hick lawbreakers butts!


This volume is a perfect starting point for new readers and a nostalgic walk thorough past stories for existing fans. The book contains Dredd’s debut story further  adventures in 2000AD chronological order. From the very beginning the series had tremendous potential that was fully realized by a series of creators most notably Wagner & Grant. The E-book version of this book was only $10.00 and contains over 300 pages of story.

I’m really enjoying this Journey with Dredd and I’m looking forward to the other volumes in the series.


This is my 7th Book for The coyer Summer Vacation


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