Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Events: Fiction State Of Mind



June is here! Summer doesn't officially start till June 21st but I always feel in a summer state of mind on June 1st especially when planning reading events :) Here are the events I have going on this month:


Fangirl Summer

This is the second year I’m hosting this event. All summer I will be focusing on all the areas in my life I fan girl over:

Fiction State of Mind-03fangirl-books[1]  



I’m looking for guest posts so leave me a comment if your interested!

I really enjoy Coyer events. I cleared out my Netgalley  dashboard in my last Coyer challenge and now I;m hoping to clear out some more books, Sign Up HERE



I love the idea of a Library themed challenge.When I was a kid ,  the library was my second home during the summer. I ‘m looking forward to all the challenges and the readathon. Sign Up  HERE







The Estella Society is running an awesome summer reading event! The have a great list of reading choices to pull from and I’m hoping to read at least 10 of them.


So what events are you guys participating in this month?

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Kristen said...

So many great events! Thanks for joining in on the SLC! :)