Thursday, June 19, 2014

Read This, Watch That 1: All You Need Is Kill




Viz has released these two great books this month both authored by Hiroshi Sakurazaka:



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The one on the left is a translation of the Japanese light novel and the one on the right is the manga adaption. I’m a huge Science Fiction fan and I have to say Japanese authors are masters in this genre. All You Need is Kill is the story of Keiji Kiriya a soldier in the war against Alien invaders called the Mimic. Keiji dies on the battlefield but is surprised to wake up the next day. Initially he thinks its a dream, but after 158 repeats he realizes he is in a time loop. He also is contacted by a fellow soldier, the female fighter nicknamed the Full Metal Bitch .


I’m 20 pages into this novel and I’m loving it. The term Light Novel does not relate to subject matter but rather to the length of the story. This translation clocks in at 266 pages in the English translation and I’m so engrossed I’m sure to finish it today. There is profanity in this novel but its what you would expect from a soldiers narration. I’ve only read a sample of the manga but I’m quite a fan of the art and plan on buying the full volume. The great news is both of these volumes are very reasonably priced. The paper back novel is $7.99 and the E-book version of the manga is only $5.99. There is also a graphic novel adaption that is $12.99 so if you are buying a digital version make sure you check the price.


What spurred me to read these books now is this recently released film:

Edge Of Tomorrow



I’m really surprised that this movie has only made a little over 60 million dollars. I loved this movie! It has a wonderful blend of action and humor and some really cool action scenes. Cruise is wonderful in it an Emily Blunt steals the show in every scene she’s in. I’m hoping that it stays in theaters long enough for more people to see it . I highly suggest it to Science Fiction fans.

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It was an awesome movie! I loved it!