Monday, June 2, 2014

Review: Batman Cataclysm by Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant & Various











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My Celebrate The Cowl event is over but I had this trade sitting around from the library so I gave it a read. This was a very tense action packed read! A large earthquake and two aftershocks rock Gotham and nothing will be the same for a long time.We see Batman in a really different capacity in this volume: Rescuer. Aided by Oracle aka Barbara Gordon, Noghtwing, Huntress , Robin (Tim Drake) and even Catwoman, the Dark Knight works towards saving lives and stopping looters.


I really enjoyed experiencing the event through various POV’s and I loved seeing Huntress and Stephanie Brown as spoiler. The art is very well done and really conveys the destruction to the city. The writers play the event very realistically. There are lots of deaths and many Gotham citizens are buried alive. This trade is a set up to the Batman event No Man’s Land where we see how the surviving citizens in Gotham live while being cut off from the larger world.

A solid self contained story that really makes you want to read the next part of the event.


This is my first read for the :


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Kristen said...

I have yet get into the Batman comics, but have wanted to. I loved the various movies and enjoy the character. Maybe I will pick some up at the library this week. Great review!