Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Grindhouse Volume 1 by Alex de Campi & Chris Peterson









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First I want to say how much I love the covers by Dan Panosian! The illustration above really captures the vibe of this trade. From the opening pages the reader is firmly immersed in the story, and a very good murder scene featuring bees!

Then we flash to two bored housewives who have gotten a hold of some wild honey from a hive in the local graveyard (sooo not a good idea). Soon the women are passing the honey to all the women in the town and a string of crazy events unfurl. Bloody and hilarious with great characters and a great ending.


I also loved the way the female characters were portrayed in this book. Grindhouse films are known to be borderline exploitive but the creative team of the book do a great job of separating sexy from sexualized. I’m really excited to read the next story arc in this series. A must for Horror fans.

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