Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review Pride & Prejudice Classics Edition

Penguin Classics
When I saw a blogger post a picture of this book on twitter I knew I had to have it! Enter a $50.00 Gift card from Amazon and a few days later it was in my hands! This is my first individual Austen book. I have an oversized Penguin classics omnibus of all of Jane’s novels but never a solitary edition of one of her  books prior to this.
What I loved
Every thing about this book is a joy for Austen lovers. Starting with the wonderful weight of the hardcover edition. I didn’t realize how long Pride and Prejudice was. I also love the yellow bookmark that compliments the gorgeous cover. This picture doesn't really do the edition justice, its a gorgeous yellow.

Chronology and Introduction
I confess I usually rush past these features in books but because I’ve already read P&P I took the time to indulge in the Chronology of Jane’s life and the introduction by Vivien Jones.

The further readings section was also wonderful. I added a bunch of books about Jane to my wishlist and I also discovered some great websites like The Republic of Pemberley .
Reading Experience
So after these pages we get to the novel itself. Of course no matter what the format stepping into the world of Elizabeth and Darcy is a joy . I loved the typeface of the book and the crisp clean print. The Appendixes and Literary Allusions and general Notes at the end of the book add a world of depth to the novel, I really enjoyed reading them,
One Complaint
The only thing I wished this book had was an extra bookmark ribbon. Its really hard to go back and forth and read the footnotes with only one bookmark. True you can put a second one in the back but I really enjoy having a second bookmark for footnotes.
I’m utterly in love with this edition and plan on buying Jane’s other books in the penguin  classic format as well .

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