Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review: The Strain GN Volume 1











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When I saw this GN for $1.99 at Google Play I swiped it up! I’m really looking forward to the Television series. This first volume is a reprint of the first group of individual issues from Dark Horse. A plane lands at JFK airport and then completely goes dark. When CDC agents inspect the ship they find the majority of the passengers dead with no signs of trauma to their body. Little by  little the evidence shows them that all the passengers have been infected with a virus strain that mimics  vampirism. When an old Pawnbroker joins the agents a decades long tale of death and darkness is revealed.


I’m also reading The Strain novel right now and I really enjoyed seeing artistic representations of the characters in monsters from the novel. Really solid first volume. I’m hoping to read other volumes of the comic after I finish the book.

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