Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fangirl Summer: The Binges of Summer: Update 1




Fiction State of Mind-03


Summer Time is the perfect time to catch up on some television series. As a fangirl that of course includes some animated series. Here is what I’ve been bingeing on lately.


Batman Beyond




Where I’m watching: Netflix

How Much I’ve watched: Season 1


It has been wonderful watching this series again. First off Terry has such an amazing look to him:


Second: The relationship in this show are very complex. Bruce and Terry have differing views about life and how to be Batman that often come into conflict, yet they form a very strong bond:



Characters & Relationships

The fact that Terry has a mother, brother and girlfriend adds a great dynamic to the stories:



I also like the diversity in the series. Terry has some great female foes and his best friend Maxine is African American and a brilliant hacker. I do wish that in the first season Terry’s relationship wasn't so on and off. One episode the two are broken up and the next episode they aren’t. This series very much stands the test of time. I’m loving it!




Justice League Season One

Where I’m Watching: Netflix

How Much I’ve Watched: Season 1



I took a break from comics in the late 90’s and by default the animated series based on them. So its been a joy diving into this series.


What I love:

Dwayne’s Legacy


Dwayne McDuffie was a huge part of this shows success and it’s diversity. I missed a lot of the work he did for DC comics in his lifetime, but thanks to reprints and Netflix I can read his classic comics and television shows.



With two women members and John Stewart as Green Lantern, this show has much more diversity in it than may sows today.



Dynamic Duo


John and Barry are scene stealers in this series. John is such a great example of a hero and a man. Barry is a crack up! he has all the best lines :)


Guest Stars

These series is a DC fans dream with tons of great villains and heroes dropping in:










I really love this show! Not only does it include elements from the Marvel movie franchise : Agent Coulson and has a wonderful supporting cast. The main challenges in this series is for Peter to learn how to work on a team. There  are also wonderful cameos from Peter’s  greatest foes.











More Updates to come!

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